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INEXTO: The Value of Authenticity  

Counterfeiting and other forms of illicit trade are issues that cause significant political, social, and economic problems across the globe. This sprawling criminal industry continues to grow and expand at an alarming rate, leading to a variety of negative impacts to society; ranging from the loss of millions of legitimate jobs to the loss of billions in tax revenues.  

Worth around $500 billion annually, the global counterfeiting problem has a devastating impact on consumers, millions of whom have experienced serious injury (and even loss of life) as a result of the dangerous chemicals contained within counterfeit medicines, food, beverages, toys, vehicle parts, and other goods. Furthermore, companies often experience irreparable harm as each counterfeit instance of a product may likely erode consumer confidence in, or perception of, that company’s respective brand.

The need to help legitimate public and private sector organizations minimise the implications of illicit trade and counterfeiting has never been more pressing.

Introducing INEXTO

INEXTO is a leading company with proven technology in the fields of brand protection, authentication, serialisation and track and trace. INEXTO’s cutting-edge technologies are designed to effectively address illicit trade with a comprehensive approach able to tackle this multi-faceted problem with end-to-end solutions. Its software portfolio for Secure Mass Serialisation, traceability and supply chain transparency is fully compatible with Fortune 500 client infrastructure from many industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, sports apparel, luxury goods, consumer goods and tobacco.

For more than 10 years, the INEXTO Suite of pioneering software products has helped leading businesses to secure their supply chains, protect their brands, and improve consumer experience. In parallel, the INEXTO Suite has also been assisting government authorities by delivering effective tools which can enhance both the capture of tax revenues and the efficiency of their enforcement resources.


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INEXTO – assisting brand owners and manufacturers in a demanding marketplace

As a manufacturer or brand owner, supply chain security and brand protection are essential aspects of the business and critical to establishing sustained trust and loyalty with the consumer.   

To achieve this, INEXTO have created state-of-the-art solutions that can cost effectively identify every individual item produced and enhance its visibility throughout the supply chain. These solutions provide the unique provenance of each discreet product, which can include a variety of attributes from manufacturing location to final point of retail, including price, machine, shift and instance in time in which it was produced. This instantly accessible information is critical to authorized assets around the globe, including customs authorities, and to the support of collaborative efforts necessary to defeat complex illicit trafficking schemes by quickly identifying diversion points and other weaknesses in supply chains. The timeliness, detail, and quality of such information is crucial for legitimate stakeholders in their investigations of seized products and the successful prosecution of criminals by authorities.

Scalability through Interoperability

Given the nature of global supply chains and complexities of international trade, INEXTO Suite has been designed to cost effectively scale with ease across supply chains, borders, and diverse economic operators. Critical to this capability is INEXTO’s commitment to Open Standards and its steadfast compliance to GS1 and ISO standards.  These global standards are universally recognized and are at the foundation of INEXTO Suite’s interoperability.

Supply Chain and Distribution

INEXTO’s advanced supply chain solutions are designed to track & trace multiple stocks across distribution networks, detect counterfeit, identify diversions, and guarantee the integrity of legitimate products. Economic actors present within the legitimate supply chain are empowered by INEXTO Suite right through to the point of sale.  Scanning is conducted for goods received and dispatched, accurately respecting aggregation relationships as the goods move through the supply chain.

Furthermore, INEXTO Suite strengthens consumer trust in a brand by offering product information unique to a buying experience, such as expiration date (for a better understanding of freshness), source (for a better understanding of product content), user guides, after sales service, warranty certificate and genuineness. This is achieved by authenticating products and by making all relevant information easily available simply by scanning or typing the INEXTOR® code. If desired, the product can also be re-sold second hand in complete trust via the INEXTO suite, given its ability to deliver accurate provenance.  

Understanding INEXTO’s Technology

INEXTO Suite offers eight comprehensive software components: INEXTOR®, INEXTRACK®, INEXPRESS®, INEXTRACE®, INEXTIMATE™, INEXTEND™, uTrack™ and INEXHUB™. Some of these components are further described, below:  


INEXTOR® provides unique and secure serialisation for products and is capable of supporting high speed manufacturing requirements in excess of 1000 items per minute. As the codes are generated at the instant of product manufacture they are not generated beforehand nor stored in clear in any database that can be hacked, leaked, or otherwise compromised.


A central tracking system software that offers powerful optimisation and reporting capabilities that are designed in part to secure and optimize supply chain,  support focused recall actions, and provide comprehensive reporting capabilities for complex and global supply chains.


INEXTRACE offers tracking and authentication data, capable of delivering detailed information from manufacturer through to the point of sale, simply by scanning the code (with a common smartphone) or typing the INEXTOR code into an SMS for system query. This information can be viewed on smartphones, online, via SMS and at Kiosk check points, and is available and tailorable for all stakeholders, to include brand owners, authorities, and consumers.  


This is the ultimate combined solution that instantaneously marries unique and secure identification with complete authentication. A code is linked to the unique fingerprint of an item, featuring its intrinsic and physically distinctive characteristics. This fingerprint is embedded into the unique INEXTOR® code, which is impossible to copy.  Law enforcement and brand owners can perform field inspections using a smartphone connected to a sophisticated add-on capable of capturing the unique material fingerprint for digital processing.  Brand owners and manufacturers benefit from a complete solution that adds no additional complexity to the product, as the fingerprint is derived from its inherent uniqueness at resolutions beyond the capability of the human eye to detect.

In Summary

INEXTO is a leading provider of software and services for brand protection, authentication, secure serialization, Track & Trace, and Digital Tax Verification. INEXTO’s technology is securing over 50 billion products annually, on over 1000 manufacturing lines, and across 1500 locations globally.  It’s providing cost effective and regulatory compliant solutions that seamlessly scale, with interoperability derived from Inexto’s commitment to GS1 open standards.

Inexto’s suite of products allow for robust B2B and B2C interactions, with the capability to deliver, in an instant, accurate information about every individual packaged good; whether it be its expiry date, location of manufacture, a special instruction, and many other pertinent attributes.  The enhanced B2C capability is being leveraged by our clients to improve in other key metrics beyond supply chain security, like consumer experience and brand loyalty.

Inexto’s mission is to deliver world class solutions that provide its clients greater transparency, trust and ethics in their trade flows.


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